Wading Into Collapse is a collaborative project on the uncertain and immediate effects of climate change, presented through personal memory and stories of our homes with the hope to shift perception.

Installation view of River Logic, an accordion book that unfolds to the shape of the Mississippi River. Installed at Sachuest Point, Rhode Island.
Wading Into Collapse installation view.

Open spread for a booklet featuring the work and writing of Dan Friedman and the works of contemporary, typographic installation artists.

Acrylic-plexiglass stacked archival boxes and cover design for Polychromatic Ahistory, a research and reimagining project on the ancient art of Polychrome.

A Conversation Piece gathering on the river

Prompts for Memory 35mm slide film & viewer

Open spread for a book detailing the seven sites of the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘The Works of Antoni Gaudí 

Thesis Compendium

Installation view of What’s That Sound?

Working Hours, Graphic Design MFA Class of 2023’s exhibition for the RISD Grad Show.
Writ In Water light surface.

Screen printed cover for Something Surreal, an auteur book of writing, articles, and exhibtions on Architecture and Surrealism, Spring 2021

Cover design for “Parties In and Out of London”, a visualization of a 1929 Vogue Magazine article with contemporary photography, Spring 2021

Accordion foldout in Polychromatic Ahistory 1, Fall 2021

Writ In Water, Letterpress printed cover design and exposed smyth sewn binded spine.
Writ In Water, Thesis Book

Signage instance for one of the seven sites of the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘The Works of Antoni Gaudí

Mobile visitor guide for the RISD Museum
Trading Earth: Ceramics, Commodities, Commerce Exhibition signage


Jack Tufts is a multi-disciplinary designer from New Orleans, LA and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a M.Arch from Tulane University. As a designer, Jack has worked in the fields of architecture, graphic design, experience design, and strategy.



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