Polychromatic Ahistory

Exhibited in the Joukowsky Institute Exhibit: "The Stories Objects Tell"

Polychromatic Ahistory began through the discovery and study of the ancient art of polychrome, the practice of decorating architectural elements, sculpture, etc., in a variety of colors. What resulted from this discovery of an art form longly rejected by history was a practice in re-making, reflection of the self, and freedom of expression. 

Polychromatic Ahistory is contained in three archival boxes and accompanying guides. 3D printed fragments from ancient sculpture, recast plaster copies: first painted in the likeness of the artist and then using color to move past the object’s original form. Three guides pair with each stacked layer to provide insight into the history of polychrome, original objects, and artists.



Jack Tufts is a multi-disciplinary designer from New Orleans, LA, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an M.Arch from Tulane University. As a designer, Jack has worked in the fields of architecture, graphic design, experience design, and strategy.



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