Text on Radical Modernism

Fall 2021
Radical Modernism is a book orginally designed and authored by Dan Friedman. The design of this book features an excerpt from Friedman’s Radical Modernism, a selection of works from Dan Friedman, and a selection of typographic installations from a series of contemporary artists and designers. The design of this book highlights the relationship between the highly typographic work of Dan Friedman and the complex typographic installations. With each work from the contemporary designers represented on large 24”x36” foldouts to emphasize the scale of the work.


Jack Tufts is a multi-disciplinary designer from New Orleans, LA and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a M.Arch from Tulane University. As a designer, Jack has worked in the fields of architecture, graphic design, experience design, and strategy.



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