River Logic

A book that is the river. River Logic documents the final 150 miles of the roughly 2,350 miles of the Mississippi River, from just above New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico. The book folds to the bends of the river, allowing the viewer to flow along the pages. The accordion-style book fully unfolded is measured at 160 ft — the saying goes that Louisiana is losing as much as a football field of its coast every hour due to sea level rise, increasing storms and subsidence, and reduced sediment flow because of an over-controlled river — the end zone of a football field is measured at 160 ft. And like the logic of a river, this book begins and arrives, and we follow to see where it will take us.

Installed at Sachuest Point, Rhode Island.
Exhibited in Highlights from the Impermanent Collection, RISD GD MFA Graduate Biennial, April 14-30, 2023. 



Jack Tufts is a multi-disciplinary designer from New Orleans, LA, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an M.Arch from Tulane University. As a designer, Jack has worked in the fields of architecture, graphic design, experience design, and strategy.



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