Working Hours
RISD Grad Show 2023

Working Hours is the thesis exhibition for the RISD Graphic Design MFA Class of 2023. Showcasing work from all 18 graduate students during their time at RISD, the identity of the exhibition reflects the “working hours” put in to create and explore their unique practice in graphic design.

Team: Lian Fumerton-Liu, Ian Keliher, Mina Kim, Karan Kumar, Jenni Oughton, Joey Petrillo, Zoë Pulley, Jack Tufts



Jack Tufts is a multi-disciplinary designer from New Orleans, LA, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an M.Arch from Tulane University. As a designer, Jack has worked in the fields of architecture, graphic design, experience design, and strategy.



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